Protecting those you love most

With increasing distractions and heavier work responsibilities, you’re at a higher risk of forgetting your infant, toddler, disabled person under your care or your pet in an unattended vehicle.

The Statistics

Every year children, infants, and pets die or suffer severe injuries after being left unattended inside a vehicle.

Children that go into vehicles to play, hide or grab a toy they forgot, are at risk of becoming trapped inside due to automatic locks or child safety locks.

children rescued from inside hot vehicles



increase in unattended children deaths

Since 2016

costs of heatstroke injuries suffered by a child

Over the Lifetime of a Child

We’ve Got You Covered

our solution

To prevent these deaths and injuries, we created ARK

ARK is a smart sensor that detects the presence of a person, child or pet inside a vehicle cabin. ARK monitors conditions inside the vehicle and will determine if and when a life is in danger and will contact parents and caregivers.

ARK (Coming soon)

Who are we?

about us

We’re more than just one smart sensor

At Zomio we are focused on driving innovation through research and development of new products based on technology advances in IOT and AI.

Our new products and development team is constantly looking for ways to bring our technology to your home for in-home monitoring of infants, seniors, and pets.

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