ARK sensor is the world's #1 solution to detect persons and pets exposed to extreme temperature and CO poisoning inside a vehicle.

Our purpose is to help prevent deaths and injuries related to carbon monoxide and heat strokes due to high temperatures inside vehicles.

Extreme temperature detector

ARK will send a notification to assigned contacts if it detects the presence of life exposed to extreme temperatures inside your vehicle.

CO detector

ARK will send a notification to assigned contacts if it detects the presence of life exposed to carbon monoxide inside the car.

ARK's mission is to

 provide you with peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are protected even when you are not present.

While other companies focus on devices limited to the baby car seats, we focus on solving multiple common car incidents in a single device.

This is why ARK is the #1 solution in the world to help prevent hot car accidents and CO poisoning:

ARK monitors environment conditions 24/7

ARK monitors temperature 24/7

ARK sends notifications to assigned contacts

ARK works for everyone inside a vehicle

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Why ARK?

ARK is a smart sensor that isn’t limited to a car seat. ARK monitors the entire vehicle cabin, monitors temperatures and helps prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Works on its own mobile network

ARK will notify you if a life is in danger using its own cellular network, not requiring your smartphone, wi-fi or hot spot to work. 

Can be used inside any vehicle

It doesn’t matter if it’s a new or old vehicle, ARK will offer you additional safety.

Has all the features you need

Our approach is to ensure that we don’t limit our protection to a car seat, so we created our smart sensor in a way that eliminates false positives.

Easy to install

ARK is a stand-alone system that doesn’t require professional installation or complex setups. Anyone will be able to install and use.

Advanced hardware and algorithm

Our combination of hardware and algorithm sets us apart from any apps or complex technologies currently on the market.

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