ARK’s purpose is to prevent deaths and injuries related to carbon monoxide and heat strokes due to high temperatures inside vehicles.

If you think, “that would never happen to me…”

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Leaving kids in cars alone

According to NoHeatStroke.org, the majority of hot car deaths occur by accident. Every day we have more and more distractions. A simple change in our routine can be fatal to our loved ones.

75% of these kinds of accidents are due to parents that forget their children inside the vehicle. Relatives, including grandparents and babysitters, are responsible for 24% of these accidents.

A Child or pet trapped inside a vehicle

Children can become trapped inside a vehicle after going in to play, hide from a friend or sibling, or grab a toy, and become stuck due to automatic or child safety locks.

Obstructed Tailpipe

There are countless possibilities in which the muffler can be covered or damaged without you knowing it. Let’s mention the most common:

  • Cars stuck in deep snow.
  • Kids putting their toys inside the muffler.
  • Minor impacts that break your car’s exhaust system.

Running vehicles in closed garage

There are many instances where temperatures outside can be very hot or extremely cold, and in order to make a vehicle cabin warm or cool down, we can remote start our vehicles while still parked in a closed space like a garage. Unfortunately, we can have our children or people inside the vehicle that can suffer Carbon Monoxide poisoning. 

Why we created ARK

ARK was developed after Zomio’s founder had a nightmare in which he forgot his son inside a hot car. Zomio’s team took on the task of creating a smart sensor capable of protecting those we love most by detecting their presence anywhere inside a vehicle cabin and monitoring conditions inside including temperature and air quality.

Parents & Babysitters

Do you have a baby or toddler and drive a vehicle? Then, ARK will give you the peace of mind that you deserve knowing that your child is safe.

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Pet Owners

Every year hundreds of pets die from heat exhaustion because their owners forget them in hot cars.

If you have a pet, ARK will notify you if conditions inside a vehicle become life-threatening for your pet.

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Why ARK?

ARK is a smart sensor that isn’t limited to a car seat. ARK monitors the entire vehicle cabin, monitors temperatures and helps prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Works on its own mobile network

ARK will notify you if a life is in danger using its own cellular network, not requiring your smartphone, wi-fi or hot spot to work. 

Can be used inside any vehicle

It doesn’t matter if it’s a new or old vehicle, ARK will offer you additional safety.

Has all the features you need

Our approach is to ensure that we don’t limit our protection to a car seat, so we created our smart sensor in a way that eliminates false positives.

Easy to install

ARK is a stand-alone system that doesn’t require professional installation or complex setups. Anyone will be able to install and use.

Advanced hardware and algorithm

Our combination of hardware and algorithm sets us apart from any apps or complex technologies currently on the market.

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